Garden with a Trampoline

This garden of a Victorian house, built in 1903, is very traditional. The space is divided into three “garden rooms”: The living garden (A on the plan), The kitchen garden (B) and  the sunken garden with trampoline (C). The rooms are separated by medium-sized Yew hedges. Buxus formed into large balls accentuate the layout. Pleached trees provide a natural screen for privacy.

The “living garden” has three large pots with Angel’s trumpets, which bloom throughout the summer months and release a delightful aroma during the evening hours.

The trampoline has a dual function: the children can jump to their heart’s content, but it can also serve as an enormous hammock for sunbathing or reading. A variety of plants, blooming alternating provide a  changing array of seasonal flowering. The colour selection is purple and red with yellowish and green accents. The mirror acts as an optical illusion, making the garden look wider.