Rustic Garden with Simple Water Feature

This house is a typical example of a 1930s house. The grounds spread into three directions: front, side and back.

The diagonal lines of the modern interior are extended into the exterior, giving the garden a more spacious feeling. This garden design includes a morning (A on the plan) and evening terrace (B) providing a choice of seating in the sun or in the shade. For the terraces lovely, warm-coloured flagstone/slate was selected in various sizes. The main colour scheme of the interior is repeated in the garden by the use of  lilac, purple and pink coloured plants with a dash of red.

In the corner of the garden a simple fountain (C) is formed by a random pile of volcanic rocks. The gentle sound of running water filters out the traffic noise. From the dining and kitchen areas this fountain can be enjoyed in full splendour and in the evening hours it is illuminated by diffused light.