The Mediterranean Garden

A small city garden has been transformed into a functional living space: the two garden areas (A and B on the plan) are separated by large, raised borders with a semi-closed screen, made of tall round poles. The first area functions as a living space while the other houses a small vegetable garden and has room to hang out the laundry. The path in the middle suggests depth. This effect is reinforced by the statue at the end of the garden. This pleasant eye-catcher can be enjoyed from the living area in natural daylight and in the evening by specially placed lighting. The garden includes a veranda (C), so the inhabitants can sit outside on a summer’s night in spite of the rain. In the summer a simple semi-transparent fan-shaped sunscreen (D) can be easily draped overhead.

The Mediterranean theme is emphasized by the use of raised borders, large pots, plants such as Palm tree varieties, coloured shrubs, Angel’s Trumpet, Oleander and tall, colourful Crown Fritillaries in spring.