A Modern Garden

This luxurious garden design is a perfect example of straight, clean, lines and a very personal individual style. The material selection includes hardwood, flagstone/slate and stainless steel. A unique feature is that the garden houses only one plant: a palm tree that is hardy enough to survive the winter. A Jacuzzi (A on the plan) is the focal point. This garden provides ample opportunity for relaxation: sitting around the long table, taking time off to relax on the built-in lounger (B) or simply laying back in the Jacuzzi. The garden cabana (C) is equipped with a sauna. A built-in barbecue, made of the same natural stone as the terrace, is fully integrated with the rest of the garden. The garden takes on another atmosphere during the evening hours. The 1.8 meter tall, stainless steel (C) waterfall, a real eye-catcher, lights up, providing an absolutely wonderful effect. Such a straight-lined garden design requires perfect finishing touches. The slightest error will not only be visible, but will interfere with the overall effect.