Villa in the woods with a large underground pool

This villa is located on a 2 ½ acre section in the woods of the Veluwe area.
The villa itself has been renovated to a high standard. Next to it a new guesthouse has been built on top of a huge underground complex that harbours a parking garage and includes a large pool, spa and fitness area.
The challenge for the landscape designer in this case was to re-incorporate the complete building into the original landscape. This was achieved by designing retaining walls, made of natural stone. Their flowing forms create an undulating landscape. The planting ties the house and building into the surrounding woods. For the planting mature shrubs were used to make it look like the landscape has always been this way.
A spacious green lawn creates an opening in the woods to let the sun in.
The play area for the children, including a sunken trampoline and a hockeyfield, is surrounded by a barrier made of piles of wooden logs. This barrier is organically shaped and creates a habitat for hedgehogs, birds and insects.